Downtown Disney Easter Egg Hunt EGG-Stravaganza 2017

Downtown Disney Easter Egg Hunt

Did you know there is an easter egg hunt at Downtown Disney? How cool is that?!  Not only are the egg hunts super fun for kiddos, it is awesome for adults! My husband and I had so much fun spending the morning here eating breakfast and going on an egg hunt!

This egg hunt is perfect for little kids because Downtown Disney District is a smaller area compared to the parks.  You can find all the eggs within an hour instead of all day throughout a Disney Theme Park.  There is 2 hour free parking at Downtown Disney, so go grab a map, find some eggs and get a prize!  If you dine anywhere in Downtown Disney, make sure to grab a stamp on your parking validation for an extra 2 hours free of parking.


Where to get a Egg Map for Downtown Disney

  • Egg Maps can be found in the World of Disney store.  At the cash registers you can pick up your map.  Each map comes with 1 egg prize.
  • To redeem your prize, bring your map to the middle of the World of Disney store where there is a redemption stand.  It has baskets of easter eggs and a sign you can’t miss!  Show the cast members there your egg map and they will stamp the back of it saying you have redeemed your egg.  Then you can pick out a  specialty Disney themed egg of your own!
  • You do not have to finish or even start your egg hunt to collect your prize.
  • Disneyland, California Adventure, and Downtown Disney all have an egg hunt and have prizes unique to their park.  Ask a cast member which ones are the new ones and must haves for the spot!



  • The maps costs $5.99.  We did one map for my husband and I and that was plenty!
  • This year you can get a discount on the egg maps if you have a Disneyland season pass.  This will get you 10% off.
  • Each map comes with one prize egg.  If you are wanting more prizes for kids or something like that, get them each a map!



Tips for the Egg Hunt

  • Start at the Disney World of Disney store.  There you can pick up your maps, and egg prize.  That way you can start on one end of the park and end next to the parking lot to head home.
  • Look up!  There are lots of eggs hiding high in store signs.
  • Check inside the Shops if you cant find an egg on the outside of the store.  Several of the eggs are hidden inside the store in the displays.  Those were personally my favorite! So cute!
  • Ask a cast member or store employee for help finding eggs if you get stuck.  All of them are super happy to help!



The Easter Egg Hunt Vlog

Come join us as we find every egg at the Easter Egg Hunt in Downtown Disney! Thank you for stopping by! Have an eggcellent day 🙂

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